• Class: Dispatch model
  • Analytical approach: Bottom-up
  • Purpose: Scenario analysis
  • Methodology: Optimization
  • Deterministic
  • Regions: Nodal (substations) in Switzerland
  • Sectors: Electricity
  • Demand sectors: One sector
  • Generation technologies: All
  • Energy carriers: Electricity
  • Time horizon: 2015-2050
  • Time resolution: Hourly


Swissmod is a numerical model of the of the Swiss electricity market. It covers the Swiss high voltage transmission network (220 and 380kV) as well as a detailed representation of the Swiss hydropower structure. The latter includes specific characteristics of run-of-river, yearly storage and pumped storage power plants and their hydraulic coupling via the Swiss river and water stream system. Although the regional focus of Swissmod is Switzerland, surrounding countries are included to capture the impact of European market developments on the Swiss electricity system. In total Swissmod covers about 200 nodes within Central Europe, about 150 of which are within Switzerland, and about 400 transmission lines.

Swiss electricity network in 2010

With its current model structure Swissmod is well suited to provide numerical quantifications of different development scenarios for the Swiss electricity markets given assumptions on the market and regulatory design, renewable support, or generation and transmission investments.

Model inputs

  • Hydraulic system of Switzerland (SwissTopo)
  • Electricity transmission grid (Swissgrid, 2012) and international exchange capacities (ENTSO-E, b)
  • Conventional (SFOE, 2013) and hydro generation capacities (SFOE, 2012)
  • Electricity demand (ENTSO-E, a; SwissGrid, 2015)

Model outputs

  • Hourly generation by power plant
  • Hourly electricity prices
  • Electricity flows on the Swiss transmission grid


Sample application

  • Schlecht, I. and Weigt, H. (2014): Linking Europe: The Role of the Swiss Electricity Transmission Grid until 2050. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, Volume 151, Issue 2, pp 125–165.
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